Grizzly Grip DIY coating. Grizzly grip is used for many surfaces including:
  • Truck bed liners
  • Camper top repair
  • boat decks
  • horse and vehicle trailers
  • commercial walkways and stairs
  • roofs of all types including RV & trailers roofs
  • pool decks
  • Dog Runs
  • And much more!
The Grizzly Grip is a non-slip aliphatic polyurethane which means it will not chalk or fade in the sunlight. It will leave you surface looking brand new year around. This polyurethane has good flexibility and is great for outdoor use. This non-slip surface is made with rubberized material so it will keep your surface protected for an extended period of time. You can add a glossy finish to the Grizzly grip by applying our clear waterbased sealer on top of the Grizzly Grip. This will give the Grizzly Grip longevity and a nice finish coat.

The Grizzly grip only has a shelf life of 30 days and not meant to be stored.